CryoTouch MD

Carboxy Therapy Benefits

The CryoTouch MD is a unique device that delivers CO2 combined with serums to the skin at  -19C.

The oxygen within the hemoglobin is released into the surrounding tissue causing an increase oxygenation to the skin.

This causes thermal shock to the skin because of the cold temperature which in turn causes instant tightening.

The CO2 helps to deliver the custom formulas to treat various skin conditions and can also be used post treatment for other aesthetic procedures.

The CryoTouch MD treatment can be performed as a stand alone or add on treatment.

CryoTouch MD units also have a cellular chip built-in for remote diagnostics and software updates.


The CryoTouch MD Treatment

  • Low temperature slows nerve transmission in pain fibers

  • Oxygen release

  • Improved dermal health

  • Immediate firming

  • For use on face, hands, & décolleté

  • No formula limitations

  • Mild pressure & relaxing vibration

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CryoTouch MD Sales Piece Final_6

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