Permanent Hair Reduction in Three Wavelengths for All Skin Types

CERVELLO is a cutting-edge next-generation triple wavelength platform that combines the most powerful laser emitting diode with a breakthrough double cooling system that utilizes copper and gold macrochannels to provide the fastest, safest, and most effective hair reduction experience available in aesthetics today.

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The CERVELLO laser hair removal platform provides the only single-handpiece solution with three stackable wavelengths: 755 Alexandrite, 808 Diode, and 1064 Nd:YAG—addressing all skin types. The CERVELLO offers speed, efficacy, and virtually pain-free treatments with a cooling system to -5°C. Compact and portable, the device should be considered by medical spas, medical offices, plastic surgery, and dermatology practices, as it offers quick return on investment with no consumables or annual maintenance.

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Safely Repeatable & Effective Results

DCT (Double Cooling Technology) cools the skin for extended periods of time during treatment, reducing the danger of burns while keeping the heat in the dermis, where the hair follicles are
treated. As a result, CERVELLO delivers a cutting-edge hair removal treatment with improved results for all skin types, including dark skin.

3 Gold Standard Wavelengths

The CERVELLO has three gold standard wavelengths in a single handpiece: 755nm, 805nm, and 1064nm, allowing it to target different tissue depths, address the toughest hair follicle variations, and safely treat all skin types.

Faster Treatment Times

You can treat larger areas in less time with a large spot size applicator and a rapid rep rate, while also providing your patients the fastest and most effective hair removal treatment available. Treat your clients faster without foregoing your results.

Virtually Pain-Free

The cold sapphire tip of the CERVELLO reduces the risk of burns on the skin's surface while keeping heat in the dermis, where hair follicles are treated. Contact Cooling to 5 ° C improves patient comfort, making treatments more pleasant than ever.

  • Single Handpiece Solution

    Clinical flexibility providing three wavelengths safe for all skin types

  • Virtually Painless

    Revolutionary cooling system provides two settings with max cooling to -5 degrees Celsius

  • No Consumables

    Reduce maintenance and procedure cost with zero consumables

  • Increased Handpiece Life

    Single handpiece with over 15 million pulses

cervello hair removal handpiece

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A diode that emits highly efficient laser light:

Laser diodes are not all the same: their coating, for example, makes a big difference. Stardust Med has been specially designed with an innovative diode, equipped with a MPRS coating (Mirror Polished Reflecting Surface), which boosts laser light rebounds and increases the effectiveness, at the same power.

Revolutionary cooling system:

The high-power bars of the Diode Laser develop a lot of heat and need to be continuously cooled. In our Stardust Med, we have inserted an advanced macro-channel cooling system (MCC Macro-Channel Cooler) combined with gold and copper heat exchangers to increase the efficiency and lifespan of the machinery, without any thermal damage or loss of power.

Close looped technology:

While the CERVELLO is in action, it simultaneously analyses - a billion times per second - parameters such as temperature, power, and pulse times, and edits them immediately while the treatment is being performed, in full autonomy, to obtain the best result on each specific patient.

A Revolutionary Cooling System

Traditionally, laser hair removal devices generate a lot of heat, which causes wear and tear on the technology, leading to increased ownership expenses. CERVELLO is unique. Our industry-leading research and development team has created a patented advanced macro-channel cooling system (MCC Macro-Channel Cooler) using gold and copper heat exchangers to boost the efficiency and longevity of the machinery without causing thermal damage or power loss.

cervello cooling system
cervello cooled laser diode

Macro-channel cooling is an advanced technology that minimizes the distance between the heat source and the coolant, increasing the efficiency and lifespan of the handprobe. In this way, the machine can reach higher power without any heat damage or loss of power in the long term.

Safe on All Skin Types

For hair removal on patients with dark complexion, users no longer have to choose between Nd:YAG and diode lasers. With its proprietary 3 Wavelength hand piece, CERVELLO makes things simple. All patients can get optimum laser hair removal clearing in fewer treatment sessions with CERVELLO. This results in a larger community of delighted patients, with aesthetic providers hailing the CERVELLO as the best laser hair removal breakthrough in the last 20 years.

Quick and Comfortable

In comparison to its competitors, CERVELLO treatments are pleasant and rapid. The treatment is free of the "snapping" sensation that most laser devices produce with the "In-Motion Glide" Alexandrite and the Nd:YAG progressively heating. Instead, the treatments are soothing and quick. The large 10mm sapphire tip makes it possible to treat large surfaces quickly. The CERVELLO'S advanced macro-channel cooling system (MCC Macro-Channel Cooler) is combined with gold and copper heat exchangers to increase the efficiency and lifespan of the machinery, without any thermal damage or loss of power.

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